A young startup started in 2016, Iris Innovations creates hubs-in-africasolutions to empower and change lives.

With a young, passionate and vibrant team from diverse fields in Health, Business and IT the company believes in an equitable future for all.

As one of the many innovation companies around the world our goal is to change Africa’s story to one of reinvention, development and prosperity. Let’s tell this story together.

Karibu to Iris!


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The Solution

Ushauri Platform was first developed during the Hack4GlobalHealth hackathon in November, 2016. The hackathon was organised by GIZ, University of Nairobi and the Ministry of Health. A vibrant team of 2 developers, 2 medical students, a doctor and a business developer came together to create Ushauri, a solution to address adolescent sexual and reproductive health … Continue reading The Solution

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