The Solution

img-20170203-wa0003Ushauri Platform was first developed during the Hack4GlobalHealth hackathon in November, 2016.

The hackathon was organised by GIZ, University of Nairobi and the Ministry of Health.

A vibrant team of 2 developers, 2 medical students, a doctor and a business developer came together to create Ushauri, a solution to address adolescent sexual and reproductive health challenges in urban and rural settings.

The area of focus is teenage pregnancy and HIV. We identify adolescents at high risk of infection and getting pregnant and  through partners such as health centers/organizations we can enable teens to acquire the information and services they require.

The aim is to prevent HIV infection and teenage pregnancies and enable adolescents to seek and acquire the necessary interventions required such as counselling services, pregnancy testing, HIV/STI testing etc.

At Ushauri we use simple user interfaces such as text messaging and a mobile app, to screen adolescents, share relevant content, make referrals and collect data.

Here’s a link to the DEMO:


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