The Problem

The Problem

In Kenya, over half a million teenage girls get pregnant according to the Kenya Health and Demographic Survey 2014. About 13,000 teenage girls drop out of school every year due to unplanned pregnancies.

Furthermore,in 2015, new HIV infections among adolescents contributed to 51% of new HIV infections . With this young people significantly contribute to high HIV burden in the country. They also constitute the largest proportion of people living with HIV.

The Solution

We propose the Ushauri Platform. It provides a holistic approach in preventing HIV infection among adolescents and teenage pregnancies. The platform augments underutilized formal health sector services and other interventions that do not reach the intended adolescent users in urban, rural and marginalized areas.


The Solution

img-20170203-wa0003Ushauri Platform was first developed during the Hack4GlobalHealth hackathon in November, 2016.

The hackathon was organised by GIZ, University of Nairobi and the Ministry of Health.

A vibrant team of 2 developers, 2 medical students, a doctor and a business developer came together to create Ushauri, a solution to address adolescent sexual and reproductive health challenges in urban and rural settings.

The area of focus is teenage pregnancy and HIV. We identify adolescents at high risk of infection and getting pregnant and  through partners such as health centers/organizations we can enable teens to acquire the information and services they require.

The aim is to prevent HIV infection and teenage pregnancies and enable adolescents to seek and acquire the necessary interventions required such as counselling services, pregnancy testing, HIV/STI testing etc.

At Ushauri we use simple user interfaces such as text messaging and a mobile app, to screen adolescents, share relevant content, make referrals and collect data.

Here’s a link to the DEMO:

Technology utilized

We utilize Programmatic SMS and Machine Learning Models to provide adequate information services to teenagers.


Utilizing the service the adolescent user will be screened to identify level of risk of being pregnant and/or infected with HIV. Adequate information is provided to the users together with linking the individual to nearest health center/health organization.


Ushauri platform is composed of machine learning and big data analytics components to provide relevant analyzed information to health institutions and organizations. Screened individuals provide data that can be analyzed to identify in real time high risk regions and whether or not interventions and programs have an effect on outcomes. This will enable creation and implementation of tailor-made and target-specific policies and interventions.

Ushauri Team

Ushauri Team (from right to left)

  • Derrick Gakuu – Director, Business Developer
  • Mandela Kibiriti – Director, Lead researcher and Health Informatics
    enthusiast (Medical student)
  • Grace Wamaitha Kamau – Director, Liaison co-ordinator and Researcher (Medical student)
  • Allan Kiplang’at Chepkoy – Director, Machine Learning Engineer
  • Cosmas Augustino – Director,Software developer
  • Daniel Munyambu Mutonga – Director, Medical expert and Lead Communications (Medical Doctor)